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Background & Aims

4humans - a Journey aims to strengthen people, projects and initiatives that implement and reinforce important cultural values through their work. This is aimed at smaller social, cultural and sustainability-oriented initiatives (self-organized, non-commercial) and projects (non-profit) whose organizational and material resources are very limited. By providing knowledge about the use of organizational resources, the valuable work of these projects can be supported.

The name 'For (4) Humans' stands for the own self-conception of all participants to be active for people and society - independent of the here often inappropriate standard 'For Profit' or 'Not for Profit'. However, our concept is clearly a civic initiative that works according to the principles of non-profit, and not an economic product or a company.

4humans - a Journey was envisioned and initiated by Margot Schaper in Berlin at the end of 2009 (Open letter from the initiator). The first stage started in early 2011 and so far nine projects have completed the journey. For the most part, these projects work as Hub Projects, which in themselves oversee several projects.

And that is what we are trying to accomplish:

  • Support for good ideas, alternative organizational and project approaches ( aimed at civic participation, non-profit/community benefit oriented or initiatives in pre-project status and without a commercial orientation

  • Support of civic engagement

  • Promoting recognition of cultural, social and sustainability-oriented work as a valuable service to society

  • Strengthening the 4humans idea as well as a cooperative development culture in all sectors of society

  • Supporting initiatives that share the same goals as 4humans - a Journey as well as the credo of 4humans in Germany and Europe (gladly also in places outside Europe, but at the moment our focus is here. Just ask).

Travel Notes