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Fellow Travelers

The 'travelers' (former participant projects) 4humans - a Journey included:

Young Arts NK stands for young art by and for young people in Neukölln. Here, cross-disciplinary new thinking and work is done. Through close cooperation with several schools in northern Neukölln, we explore how art and school can come together. Open studios in the afternoons and during the vacations offer good opportunities to try out many art disciplines. The Young Arts NK works thematically and presents the resulting works in two large exhibitions each year. [Website: youngarts-nk.de]

Culture as the elixir of life' - under this motto, the non-profit association dritter frühling e.V. has been offering artistic workshops, excursions and seminars for people with life experience in Neukölln for over 15 years. The special methodology of the workshops lies in the combination of sensual, intellectual, emotional and artistic aspects.  Whether land art or sound workshop, theater workshop or intergenerational art seminar, all events playfully encourage and challenge the imagination of the participants.  [Website: dritter-fruehling-ev(dot)de]

International Cultural Project BUTTERBROT was founded in 2009 by curators Alexandra Goloborodko and Aleksandra Yurieva-Civjane.  BUTTERBROT aims to present young international contemporary art as well as to stimulate an active dialogue of young contemporary artists with each other: "We see art as an indispensable 'food', bread and butter of our culture, that's why it is our concern to promote the current artistic developments and to show the social importance of contemporary art."  A special focus is the promotion of cultural networks and communication between Russia and Germany. [Website: butterbrot-art.com]

Arche Metropolis
is an "art project for the opportunities and development of urban society in the 21st century" with 2 components:
(a) Participation. Only through participation and involvement in the design of the living environment are urban living spaces fit for the future.
b) Sustainability. This does not mean permanence and asking, what do I get out of it. It means comprehensive thinking in generations, not in election periods or quarterly figures. [Website: arche-metropolis.de]

WerkStadt is a non-profit cultural association for the promotion of contemporary art as well as for the networking of artists, people interested in culture and residents of the neighborhood. In the association's rooms there are production & presentation rooms for young artists and exhibitions, concerts and much more take place regularly. The 35 members are always open to new ideas - from the Art Tour to the Children's Culture Month, a variety of projects are implemented. [Website: werkstadt-berlin.com]

The members of the Kunstlabor schwarzekatze-weisserkater e.V. are a colorful group whose common interests are art and culture as well as social justice. In addition to exhibitions and events (48h Neukölln, Körnerschnitzel, etc.), cooperative social projects of analog photography (Lebenshilfe gGmbH, Evin e.V., Amaro Foro e.V. , Young Arts Nk) take place in the rooms at Emser Strasse 128.
A fully functional black and white photo laboratory belongs to the association. [Website: schwarzekatzeweisserkater.de]

Berlinimportart was founded in 2009 as Neukoellnimport by Alejandra Borja and Jana Taube (INTRANSITos). Since then, projects, exhibitions, workshops and events have been realized with more than 90 international Berlin artists of different disciplines. Berlinimportart has set milestones and has also made a name for itself beyond the region (2010 'best practice' example at the nationwide congress Interkultur, invitation to conferences, treatment in two documentaries and various master's, diploma and doctoral theses). Berlinimportart is not only a platform for international Berlin artists with migration background. It is a concept, an idea and a think tank, but above all a space of experience and exchange, a space of collaborative work across all boundaries ...
[project under reconstruction, For activity see: issuu.com/musculcat/docs/neukoellnimportcatalog10_10]

4humans - a Journey was envisioned by Margot Schaper in Berlin in late 2009 and initiated in 2010 (Open Letter of Initiator). The first stage started in early 2011, and so far nine projects have completed the journey. These projects were primarily hub projects, which in turn oversee multiple projects.

Travel Notes