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The Credo

The credo of 4humans - a journey , that is the very core of its philosophy, states:

  1.  4humans - a Journey is based on respect, trust and personal commitment and loyalty.
  2.  4humans - a Journey aims to strengthen people, projects and initiatives that implement and consolidate important cultural values through their work.
  3. The vision of  4humans - a Journey is to strengthen the spirit 'For (4) humans' stands for and to establish a culture of respect among all participants with a positive impact on all areas of society.

This credo is put into practice through clear participation rules and a code.


The Participation Rules

  1. The participation in  4humans - a Journey generally requires that the participating initiatives and projects as well as their members do feel committed to the credo of 4humans and are interested in a constructive cooperation as well as consistent participation and further development. This includes compliance with the conditions of participation and rules of 4humans (code, see also imprint).

  2.  4humans - a Journey is aimed at smaller social, cultural and sustainability-oriented initiatives and projects (either private non-profit initiatives in pre-project status or already recognized as non-profit).

  3. Currently, three to four initiatives or projects from Berlin can participate in each stage. Participants are selected individually in each stage with a view to achieving an optimal composition of the group at a later stage. In the run-up to the 'trip', a personal meeting takes place to discuss details and mutual expectations.

  4. On behalf of the project, one member (TN*) must be able to complete the orientation phase in its entirety (substitution by a permanent representative a maximum of three times).
    The task of this member/TN* is also,
    - to pass on the acquired knowledge to the own project,
    - ensure the elaboration of important contents in his/her own project
      (supported by the own participating project)
    - as well as to assist a following  4humans - a Journey project as a tutor
      (preparation during 4humans trip, at least one fixed and two variable dates).

  5. The orientation phase comprises ten appointments of 1 hour each, spread over approximately 4.5 months and taking place early in the evening on a fortnightly basis. Location and timing will be communicated to the 'traveling' projects prior to the start (currently the stages start in the fall, the event location is easily accessible by public transportation).

  6. The participating initiatives and projects must support the TN* in his/her performance for the project and completion of the orientation stage. They must also provide a network service to another 4humans - a Journey project from a subsequent stage (within approximately two years after the completion of their own journey). This network performance includes a coordinated support service (without charge) to be provided with own resources in an area where the tutoring project has special knowledge. The goal is mutual development and networking of the projects.

  7. The participation in 4humans - a Journey is free of charge except for a material cost allocation of 50 Euro per project and the assumption of own costs (organization, transport, etc.) for TN*, tutor and network service. All materials for the TN* of the orientation phase will be provided (please bring pens!). The use of the materials received is limited to internal use in the participating project (no commercial use; See also imprint).

  8. As this is a civic initiative, participation as a project, as a TN* in the orientation phase or as a tutor in 4humans is basically at the participant's own request and not based on a contractual relationship or event law (own liability and risk of the participant/project). This does not affect the submission of a voluntary self-commitment, as is customary as a code of ethics in networks and sustainable organizations.

  9. Participating projects should have their own code of ethics or a corresponding, explicit credo.

  10. Not eligible to participate: Commercial enterprises of any size, larger institutions, and sub-projects of larger executing agencies are not intended to be actual fellow travelers for 4humans. However, if they feel connected to the credo and goals of '4humans - a journey' , they can support us and learn in the process (please get in touch with us for details on specific workshop formats.

    * TN = the project members who regularly attend the orientation phase of 4humans every two weeks on behalf of their project and are entrusted with the implementation or transfer of the received knowledge in their project.


The Codex

The handling of threshold areas of credo and code (also violations of the basic principles) is regulated by the code:

  1. All actions in and around the project are based on the credo of 4humans - a Journey (see above). Rules for participation and code are intended to contribute to fair treatment and to protect common resources. A deviation from the principles stated therein is therefore only possible in important cases.
  2. No actor, be it a (currently/formerly) traveling project or a member thereof, a sponsor or a cooperation partner, 
    1. may expect or demand special treatment compared to other actors
    2. may give the impression that 4humans - a Journey is a product or part of a particular association or closed group (spiritual, political or else) without explicit
    3. may publish information in the name of 4humans – a Journey, or using content from 4humans - a journey, without explicit written permission (and approved content),
  3. All content from 4humans - a Journey, as well as the content of this website and especially the orientation phase materials of 4humans - a Journey are subject to copyright*.
    1. The preservation of these rights is done in the interest and with consideration of the protection of the values for which 4humans - a Journey stands. Please respect this!
    2. If you want to use contents of 4humans - a Journey, this may only happen after consultation and explicit permission (contact coordinates see above) and must not violate credo, codex, as well as its goals.

A non-compliance with the above premises or a violation of the same will lead to appropriate sanctions (for projects, if necessary, immediate exclusion). In the event of a violation, the error must be corrected immediately, clearly and at the expense of the perpetrator. In addition, deliberate disregard of the above premises may also result in prosecutorial consequences.


* All rights reserved - © Margot Schaper, Berlin - 2009-2023 (interim rights holder for the project, authorized use of rights by hibisca e.V., Berlin for project organization and support)


Status: 31. Januar 2023

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